Friday, May 2, 2014

Internet Explorer Vulnerability -- UPDATE

A patch has been issued for the Internet Explorer vulnerability that caused the ban of its use, impacting My Reports / Hyperion users.
Depending on your computer’s configuration and update policy, this patch may have been installed on your computer.
If this patch has been installed, you may return to using Internet Explorer.

Below is a way to identify if the security update (KB29464358) has been applied to your computer:

Through the Control Panel
1.    Go to Control Panel> System and Security> Windows Update
2.    If you don’t see “Windows is up to date”,  click on ‘Check for updates’
3.    You may get a message that ‘no updates are available’ or ‘updates are available’.
4.    If important updates are available, apply them.
5.    To confirm which updates have been installed, click on the “View update history’ link.
a.    If it indicates that Windows is up to date, you can verify by clicking “Check for updates”
b.    The update will have KB2964358 in the name.  “Security Update for Internet Explorer nn for Windows 7 for xnn-based systems (KB2964358)”
c.    This indicates the patch has been applied.

What if I do not see KB2964358 installed?
Primary option:  Contact your desktop support team
Secondary option: Go to and download the correct update for your browser/operating system combination.

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