Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Internet Explorer Vulnerability

My Reports users can access Hyperion through My Apps.  You can get into My Apps with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Within My Apps, the IE8 browser is safe because it can only get to the Hyperion address and cannot access any other site.

There is also a downloadable application that is an unofficial workaround that can also be used to access My Reports.  This application uses a locked down version of Firefox 2 within it.  Please keep in mind that this FF based application was not created by UTO so it has little or no support and may not successfully install on all machines.

Individuals should also change their default browser setting when accessing links.  Below are the instructions on how to change your default browser:
Type "default programs" in the Start menu (bottom left of your screen) search box. This should bring up a screen that will let you select program defaults as well as default file types. You'll want to set your favorite web browser as the default, which should force it to open your email links. If that still doesn't work, select "Associate a file type or protocol with a program" and associate ""URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol" with your web browser of choice. Repeat for file types "HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy" and FTP.

If you need assistance in configuring My Apps, please send an email to myreports@asu.edu.

Thanks for your patience until the Internet Explorer is resolved.

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