Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New or Changed Tables and Views

Student Records/Census
  •  CS__DESCR_CENSUS_DATES - is now available for reporting in My Reports.  This table can be used by  to find out special term specific dates such as the 21st day and the 21st day of session B. This table is refreshed nightly from CENSUS on Enterprise1 (E1) on which Institutional Analysis maintains this information.

Friday, June 7, 2013

PS_ASU_D_PERSON_VW Enhancements

Changed Multi-Dimensional Warehouse (MDW) Tables/Views

Long-awaited enhancements to PS_ASU_D_PERSON_VW are now in production (PMPRD), as of 05/31/13. Thanks again to Marco for his development work on this!

Changes and improvements are:
  • Query performance; it is faster 
  •  New fields
 For more details see PS_ASU_D_PERSON_VW enhancements - May 2013)