Monday, June 30, 2014

ServiceNow for Staff Service Requests

In all of UTO, we are now using a product called ServiceNow to track our work and requests for services. 

To request our services, simply go to: (you may be prompted to login).

Or to enter in a request for service, or to report an incident, simply go to My ASU and click on the “Service” Tab, and click on “Submit a Request”.  If you type in My Reports in the Search Catalog field, you’ll find us right away.  This page can be used for all of your UTO needs as well. 

Sending an email to will no longer generate a service request, however we will continue to monitor this email address during this intermediate transition time.  

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Reports Open Office Hours

Due to fluctuating attendance and the implementation or our new toolsets, our offering on “My Reports Open Office Hours” will no longer be available in person.  We will now be offering this service through remote sessions using Adobe Connect.

To attend remotely, visit  Click the radial button next to “Enter as a Student or Guest”, type your first and last name in the “Name” box and click ENTER ROOM.   Once you have logged into the room, we will provide you with a call in number.

This change will be effective immediately starting this Thursday, 6/26/2014.  At this time, this is still offered on Thursday afternoons between 1-4 pm but be sure to check our training page at for availability updates.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this upcoming change.


UTO BI Analytics Team