Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Archive Admissions Tables

On March 4, 2014, ASU_A_ADM (also known as PS_ASU_A_ADM) will be renamed to ASU_A_ADM_ARCH to help ensure that users of this data understand its archived state. Queries that require the frozen data in ASU_A_ADM / PS_ASU_A_ADM must be updated to reference the archive table instead. No column names will be changed. 

If you want to continue to use these inactive tables, here is what you need to do to modify your query:
        for queries using ASU_A_ADM, please change the table’s Physical name from  ASUDW.ASU_A_ADM to ASUDW.ASU_A_ADM_ARCH
        for queries using PS_ASU_A_ADM, please change the table’s Physical name from SYSADM.PS_ASU_A_ADM to ASUDW.ASU_A_ADM_ARCH

To see a specific list of reports using either table, please click  This list contains the suggested contact(s), location and name of report.  We have created a help article ( for instructions on how to change a table name.

Queries that need current/up-to-date admissions information should be adjusted to use the new Admissions Fact tables (ASU_ADM_APPLICATION, ASU_ADM_APPLICANT, ASU_ADM_INTL_STUDENT and ASU_ADM_APP_FIRST_AD_SNP) or other tables/views as needed.

If you need assistance in modifying your existing query, please contact the BI Reporting team at

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