Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Data Warehouse Enhancements and Changes - January 21, 2014

There are several upcoming changes to Data Warehouse admissions tables.

Enterprise Data Warehouse (PMPRD)

1.      The following ASU_ADM_APPLICATION field changes are related to logic only; there are no database schema changes.
•        APPLICATION_STATUS: the sequence of the logic was adjusted for Grad applications, such that the Enrolled status will take precedence over every variation of Admitted status (e.g. Admitted – Provisions). Jira case(s): AD-642
•        NEW_UNDERGRAD_STATUS_CODE: due to recent changes in registrar handling of exchange students, the logic to determine this status code was adjusted, to include NONDEGREE, in addition to FRESHMAN and TRANSFER, when querying Student Profile tables. Jira case(s): AD-649

Note: the above logic changes will be migrated to production the evening of Monday 01/20/14; the logic will first be applied - and therefore visible in ASU_ADM_APPLICATION – the next morning when the DW load runs during its normal time, which is typically before 7am.


Affected fields:

2.      Changes to DW tables loaded from PeopleSoft CSPRD table PS_AUDIT_ASU_AACAR (Jira case(s) DW-360, AD-645, DW-359):
•        PS_F_AUDIT_ASU_AACAR: add indexes to improve query performance and create a primary key to be used by the DataStage map. This DW table will continue to store only UGRD records.
•        PS_F_AUDIT_ASU_AACAR _NONUGRD: This new table will contain GRAD and all other academic careers except UGRD. This DW table will be updated nightly from CSPRD table PS_AUDIT_ASU_AACAR.


Coming Soon (4th Announcement):

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 8:00pm – 10:00pm

The obsolete Admissions Fact table (ASU_A_ADM, a.k.a. PS_ASU_A_ADM) is being deprecated using a phased approach:

As of 12/31/13, this table is no longer updated. The table will still be available for queries for a period of time, but the data will no longer be updated. Complete 12/31/13

On March 4, 2014, ASU_A_ADM (also known as PS_ASU_A_ADM) will be renamed to ASU_A_ADM_ARCHIVE (the new name is tentative), to help ensure that users of this data understand its archived state. Queries that require the frozen data in ASU_A_ADM / PS_ASU_A_ADM must be updated, to reference the archive table instead. No column names will be changed. Queries that need up-to-date admissions information should have been adjusted to use the new Admissions Fact tables (ASU_ADM_APPLICATION, ASU_ADM_APPLICANT, ASU_ADM_INTL_STUDENT and ASU_ADM_APP_FIRST_AD_SNP) or other tables/views as needed.  Jira case(s): AD-589

Please contact datawarehouse@asu.edu with questions or concerns about these changes. 

Thank you,
UTO Data Warehouse team

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