Thursday, November 14, 2013

Data Warehouse: Enhancements and changes - November 1, 2013

On Monday, November 4, 2013 between 8pm and 10pm:

Legacy Data Warehouse (enterprise1 FINANCIAL):
The COST_SHARE_FLAG field in the ACCOUNT table on enterprise1 FINANCIAL is being changed and renamed. This field was added to the data warehouse earlier this year. Currently, the field contains only Y or N. With this change, the flag will become a code. Possible values include Y, N, C and S. As such, the field is being renamed, from COST_SHARE_FLAG to COST_SHARE_CODE. Jira case(s): DW-322.

Enterprise Data Warehouse (PMPRD)
There are several logic changes to the 'new' Admissions Fact business rules for loading.
1. Last Stack: select min(stdnt_car_nbr), then apply Effective Dating logic, when crossing over to Student Records to get Last Program and related fields. Jira case(s): AD-594.
2. Measles Hold Flg logic: populate this flag only for admitted students. Students who are not [yet] admitted will have a value of NULL. Jira case(s): AD-582.
3. Fix typo in TRN_GPA_BAND (2.49 should say 3.49). Jira case(s): AD-595.
4. Technical Enhancements to improve load performance. Jira case(s): AD-575, AD-573.
There are no table changes, i.e. there are no dropped, new or changed columns.
Expected User Impact: brief (1-8 minute) unavailability of data in the tables ASU_ADM_APPLICANT, ASU_ADM_APPLICATION, ASU_ADM_INTL_STUDENT

Please contact with questions or concerns about these changes. 

Coming Soon:

Enterprise Data Warehouse (PMPRD)
The obsolete Admissions Fact table (ASU_A_ADM, a.k.a. PS_ASU_A_ADM) is being deprecated using a phased approach:

In the near future, we will stop refreshing this table. The table will still be available for queries for a period of time, but the data will no longer be updated. There is no firm date for this step, but the timeframe is before the end of November 2013. The data warehouse team invites feedback at

After approximately two months (January 2014), the table will be retired (e.g. dropped) and queries will no longer have access to it. By that time, all queries that use the old Admissions Fact table should have been adjusted to use the new Admissions Fact tables (ASU_ADM_APPLICATION, ASU_ADM_APPLICANT, ASU_ADM_INTL_STUDENT and ASU_ADM_APP_FIRST_AD_SNP) or other tables/views as needed. 

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