Friday, September 5, 2008

Budget Position Control Status Update

An update on Budget Position Control:


Three new views and one new table have been added to the Human Resources Data Warehouse:


The ASU_BPC_VW views contain BPC related information consolidated from several sources. Data includes Fiscal Year, Account, Position Number, Employee ID, Original Budget, Budget Adjustments, Expense, Encumbrance, and budgeted FTE. The Original Budget and budgeted FTE are sourced from STAR. The Expense and Encumbrance amounts originate from the PeopleSoft. The Budget Adjustments come from the Advantage fed Financial data warehouse. The ASU_BPC_VW combines all fiscal years in a single view.

ST_ORIGINAL_BUDGET contains the data that has been interfaced from STAR into the Human Resource Data Warehouse that was used for the ASU_BPC_VW_2009.
As of today these views and table are available to My Reports users; however, the budget amounts are not yet complete. State budgets are loaded but not yet finalized. Local budgets are expected to be loaded during September.


A new query, Budget Position Control.bqy is available in the Human Resource folder. Some enhancements have been added to the BPC 2008 query. Fund, ABOR classification, and Grade have been added.


The BPC 2009 dashboard went into Production 9/4/2008 at The BPC 2008 dashboard has been removed from the main dashboard menu but can be accessed from within the BPC 2009 dashboard.

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