Friday, May 16, 2008

Three New Human Resource Expenditure Views!

Three new view tables have been added that will make reporting on Human Resource expenditures easier and more flexible. The new tables are:


PS_ASU_PAY_EXP_VW contains salaries, wages, and ERE expenditures. PS_ASU_PAY_ERN_VW contains only salaries and wages; and PS_ASU_PAY_ERE_VW contains only ERE.

All three views contain both original payroll distribution records as well as redistribution transactions that have been approved.

The existing Human Resource myReport query, HR Expenditures.bqy has been modified to use the new views.

All three views contain the same columns of data:

  • Distrib Type
  • Source Cd
  • PayGroup
  • Pay End Dt
  • Off Cycle
  • Page Num
  • Line Num
  • Spechk
  • Erncd
  • Fiscal Year
  • Accounting Period
  • Acct Cd
  • Budget Data
  • Position Nbr
  • Name
  • Emplid
  • EmplRcd
  • Amount
  • Transaction Nbr
  • ASU AgcyOrg
  • Fund Code
  • ASU Sorg
  • ASU Expenditure Cd
  • Approval Status
  • Deptid
  • Paycheck Option
  • Approval Oprid

A big thank you to Laura Lee for making this happen.

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